Why Our Teas Are Different

Most of us are only familiar with CTC (Crush, Tear, Curl) teas – the style of tea commonly found in tea bags.

These differ from orthodox teas in a number of ways: 

CTC Teas

Orthodox Teas

Mass produced from the farm and through the factory

Artisanally produced with care and attention from master tea makers

Crushing, Tearing, Curling creates smaller leaf sizes

Gently rolled leaves are left whole or nearly intact

Small size allows oxygen to penetrate the leaf and destroy desirable flavours

Whole leaves protect fragile flavour compounds from reactive oxygen

Small size allows tannins to dissolve easily into water, bringing colour quickly but also bitter flavours

Bigger leafs allow aromatic flavours to dissolve but retain bitter tannins with correct brewing

Usually require sugar, honey, lemon or milk to become pleasant tasting

Taste amazing without any additives

Additionally, most of our range is served as loose-leaf – without the tea bag. This allows the leaves to expand as they absorb the water and then return the flavour to the tea. Tea Bags are restrictive and don’t allow this expansion and also inhibit the currents in the cup from washing through the leaves. Although tea bags are convenient, they sacrifice flavour.

Commercially grown teas

Organic teas

Large scale farms often owned by agro-business interests

Small farming units often owned by local community members

Replace biodiverse environments with a single crop

Integrated with natural ecosystems that promote biodiversity

Tea processing doesn’t involve any washing. If pesticides are present on the leaf at picking, they only get rinsed off in your cup!

Free of synthetic pesticides or herbicides for peace of mind and goodness for the body