Our Story


A 15 year old visits Darjeeling Hills in India...

Mr. Deepak Prakash Baskota gets inspired by the tea plantation and business in Darjeeling and comes back to his village, Phidim (Eastern Nepal), with a vision of starting a tea farm to rid his community out of poverty.

Early 1970s

He pitches to the villagers about starting a tea farm, unsuccessfully...

The elderly in the village outright reject his idea and do not give him the unused land that he had requested to plant the teas seeds.

Late 1970s

He starts planting in his own backyard along with his wife and close friends...

Undeterred by rejection, he and his wife start planting tea seeds and cuttings right on their backyard! 4 years later, the farmers see that tea production was indeed possible.

Early 1980s

Construction started with a hope to produce a new batch of organic tea for the First time in Panchthar !! Credit goes to all our Heroes. Farmer's Family !!


He starts the 1st Certified Organic Tea Garden in Nepal, Kanchanjangha Tea Estate...

The elderly who had initially rejected his idea, give him unused lands for tea production. More than 100 farmers pooled their lands to bring Kanchanjangha Tea Estate to life! Read our detailed story here. ( https://nepalteallc.com/blogs/sips-and-stories/this-is-the-story-of-our-story-32-years-in-the-making)2000 Shargila Agro world was established for marketing KTE Tea. Saw basically focuses on export and packing only.


Shangrila Agro World

We started Shangirla Agro World with our very own Lama Partners for expanding the market. We ended up expanding Exports and established the First Fair Trade Certified packing unit as well. Shangirla is expertise is based on Export and Process & Packing of Teas. They handle with LOVE & CARE.

2010 -2014

Our Founder/ Co-owner Returned to Nepal

After having a Master Degree in Law from St. John’s University School of law. Came back to work in a bank for a while as a legal consultant, and opened her own law firm.  Making a  short story about  marriage, family and child. After having a child, a child has some complications  & she jumped in Local marketing of KTE Tea products saying “ I can’t take my child to the courtroom but definitely to BoardRoom.”


Baskota Group of Industries was established. Started with 7 Different Product line.

Baskota Group of Industries, founded under the guidance of Mr. Deepak Prakash Baskota, is Nepal's foremost private sector enterprise to focus on the marketing of organic and natural agricultural products. Mr. Baskota's sixty plus years of contributions to the organic movement, the cooperative movement, and his numerous social initiatives have had a large, positive impact on the community. While he is credited with bringing the cooperative revolution to Nepal, his Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center (KTERC) is a premier example of his cooperative vision in action. Every worker has a stake in the company and their families are supported by social projects and subsidies KTERC provides along with the donation of many generous international buyers who believe in this system. Baskota Group has its headquarters in Kathmandu, Nepal. The products we offer include, but are not limited to: tea, coffee, spices, juices, and other agricultural products. Baskota Group operates with the objective of providing high quality products that are locally produced and our ultimate goal is to help farmers obtain higher profits by allowing them to bypass a "middleman". To achieve this goal, Baskota Group works directly and exclusively with companies like Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Center, the first certified organic tea estate in Nepal owned and operated by the farmers, to bring organic produce directly to the customer.

Winter 2015

Baskota Group opens the first tea bar in Nepal...

2015 marked a grim year for Nepal as it witnessed one of its biggest earthquakes. However, it also really tested and developed a resiliency of Nepali people. Nishchal ventured and helped into opening the first tea bar in Nepal as a part of Baskota Group. Now, we have two Tea bars link Baneshwor & Chhya Center, Thamel

- Baneshwor

- chhya center


All variety of Boxes !!

22 varieties of boxes in the market - Introduce different flavor teas for consumers. - All our blends are made under special instructions of experts. - 18 Different handmade blends - Special Tea for Women - We are in all major stores Many more to go