Chhya Center

The BG Tea bar is more than just a cafe that serves tea. The BG Tea Bar is the first venue in Nepal to be focussing on brewing high-end teas. We serve a wide range of high quality orthodox teas.

Our staff are trained to brew each tea specifically and are capable of answering any queries on our teas as well as most on broader tea knowledge. We provide a relaxing environment to simply savour a cup or a space to meet friends and share in the pleasure of their company and our flavours.

Like coffee went through a revival a decade or so ago, tea is undergoing similar reawakening. The BG Tea Bar is leading this revival in Nepal. Although Nepal’s tea history is relatively brief, and it’s tea drinking culture even shorter, the BG Tea Bar aims to introduce Nepalese and visitors to the wide range and deep flavours in tea. Our range of more than 20 teas and infusions offers something for every taste. Drop by for a cup and taste the difference!

Apart from wonderful flavours, tea has many proven health benefits, ranging from revitalising body and mind to assisting chronic disease prevention. Also, by purchasing our organic teas, you are making valuable social contributions and supporting a sustainable agro-ecosystem through our community projects and farming methods. The BG Tea Bar is part of the Baskota Group of Industries Pvt. Ltd. This family social enterprise was the first to pioneer organic tea in Nepal through Kanchanjangha Tea Estate and Research Centre (KTERC) more than 35+ years ago. Today, they are the only local Fair Trade Certified tea company.